Emerald Isle Missions
Bob and Marilyn Hutton

About Us

BOB: As a young boy we went to church at Calvary Baptist in Cocoa, Florida and it was while there that I went to youth camp. At camp I realized my need for a Savior and accepted Christ. While on the mission field of Guatemala with my parents I knew the Lord was calling me into full time service. I preached my first message at 12. After graduating from High School, I attended Bible College and it was there that I met my wife.


For several years I was an assistant pastor with duties that included teaching in a Christian school, teaching in a Bible college and working with the Young adults. For over 10 years I was pastor of the Sandy Valley Baptist Temple in Magnolia, Ohio. God has now called us to be church planters in the Republic of Ireland. We live in Mallow County Cork where we have started Mallow Baptist Church and are sent out of the Canton Baptist Temple in Canton, Ohio where Mike Frazier is the pastor.

We have three grown daughters that live in the United States.

MARILYN: I was very blessed as a child, because I was raised in a Christian home. My father was a missionary/preacher, so my brother and I were raised in church. I accepted Christ as my savior at an early age. I don’t ever remember a time as a child when prayer and Bible reading were not part of our every day lives. I attended a Christian school my last three years of high school, which turned out to be very instrumental in my spiritual life as I grew older. Like most young people, I had my rebellious times and spent many years convinced that I could orchestrate my life better than God. I knew that I would be the exception to all of God’s “rules”, however, I found out that God’s way is always best and that trying to live this life without His guidance is foolish to say the least. God has taught me some very tough lessons, but I have always found His grace to be more than sufficient to meet every need. As I’ve watched God work in my life, and in the lives of my family, I am constantly overwhelmed by his love and care for us. His forgiveness, mercy and grace are amazing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

SENT, Inc: (Servants Evangelizing Nations Together)

SENT, Inc., a ministry of Canton Baptist Temple, is an independent missions organization whose sole desire is to personally, professionally and passionately meet the needs of those missionaries sent from the church. Our desire is to provide instruction, direction and logistical support to the missionaries, while providing structure and accountability to the churches that partner with them.

Our passion is not to become another large mission organization. Though we recognize that there is a place for larger mission boards, we also realize that with a large organization it is possible for the missionary’s needs to be overlooked. Our desire is to minister to our missionary families and to provide for the fulfillment of their spiritual, emotional and family needs as well as the logistical support required to carry on their ministry.