Emerald Isle Missions
Bob and Marilyn Hutton



This by far is probably the most important way in which a person can support us. We need your prayers! We know and believe that the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous accomplish a lot and that is what we and the ministry here in Ireland need more than anything. Our desire is to have a "team" of churches and individuals who are committed to lifting up our family, the ministry and country of Ireland before the Lord.

If you would like to send us a financial gift and don't care about a tax deduction, you can do so here:


We believe that God is doing something great here in the Republic of Ireland. You may not be able to personally lead someone to Christ here, but through your gifts and monthly financial support you send us in your stead. Giving financially is one of the physical ways in which you can have a direct impact! This is how each of us can "make a difference" for the cause of Christ from our homes to the uttermost.

For mailing all gifts and support please send to:

S.E.N.T., Inc
P.O. Box 80317
Canton, Ohio 44708.

All gifts and support are tax deductible and should have "Huttons" on the check.

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Sure it's nice to receive cards, letters and emails from those that love, care and think about us. However, that's not what we mean when we say we are looking for emotional support. We are looking for churches and individuals who will fall in love with the ministry and people of the Republic of Ireland. We know that when you fall in love you will see the importance of reaching this country for Christ. This is one reason why we encourage churches to bring a group to help us minister in outreach, Holiday Bible Clubs or evangelism. Please contact me if you are interested in a mission/vision trip. By the way....we do like letters and emails! 

You can donate a tax deductible gift or support online by going here:(you can log in as guest)